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Chrome Hi-Collar & Split Lock Washers AssortmentHillman Item #944341
An assortment of chrome-plated hi-collar and split lock washer variants from The Hillman Group. Ideal for situations where potential loosening from corrosion or vibration is a concern, split lock washers are used to prevent nuts and bolts from coming loose. These fasteners contain split ends that help "lock" into the mating material, thus providing a locking feature when tightened beneath a nut. Hi-collar lock washers are thicker than standard split lock washers. This provides stronger holding power. Variants included in this assortment feature a chrome finish and range from #8 thru 1/2" in screw size. Full assortment contains fourteen (14) refills comprised of Hillman item numbers #396950, #396951, #396957 - #396963, and #940097 - #940101.
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