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White Nylon Finishing & Shoulder Washers AssortmentHillman Item #58200
An assortment of white nylon shoulder washer and finishing washer variants from The Hillman Group. Finishing washers are designed to accommodate the head of a countersunk screw in order to provide a finished appearance. Shoulder washers are thicker compared to their outer diameter than usual, offering greater strength and insulation. Their non-abraisive and low surface friction characteristics make shoulder washers useful as glides, bumpers, feet, and spacers. Shoulder washer variants included in this assortment range from 0.093" to 0.385" in inner diameter, while the included finishing washer variants range from #6 to 1/4" in callout (inner diameter) size. Full assortment contains twelve (12) refills comprised of Hillman item numbers #58201 - #58212.
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