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OOK All Wall Heavy Duty Hanging KitsHillman Item #535616
OOK Heavy Duty Picture Hanging Kits are great to have on hand. This hanger can be used on plaster, drywall, brick and more. These kits are available in weight ratings of 50lbs-100lbs and include; a spool of hanging wire, toggle wings, and toggle bolts, D-ring hangers with screws, brass nails, and one OOK brass hanger/s. If hanging on a hollow wall use toggle bolts and toggle wings. Hanging tip; Drill 1/8 pilot hole when using toggles. Insert threaded toggle bolts into hanger ensuring hanger hook is facing out. Screw toggle wings onto toggle bolt so that, if toggle wings are pressed closed, they are closing over the bolt towards the head of the screw. Available in 50lb or 100lb weight ratings.
Weight Rating